Brain injury occurs suddenly and without warning. In an instant, life is changed forever. Everyday we participate in activities that produce endless risks for sustaining a brain injury; events include a car accident while driving to the grocery store, a fall from a bike, or a blow to the head.
Brain injury has become a significant medical and societal concern within the last 30 years. With advances in medical technology, many people who would have died, are now surviving severe brain injuries. At times the cost is astronomical: financially, socially and emotionally.
It is estimated that thousands of Canadians incur a traumatic brain injury each year. The majority of those affected are young adults. A majority of bicyclists who die each year, die of brain injuries. Most of the serious brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet. Brain injury affects a significant number of people each year and the numbers are reaching epidemic proportions.
Statistics indicate that the incidence of brain injury is two times greater in men.